We are here to make work more accessible.

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Since 2016, jobby has been the digital ecosystem used daily by companies and workers to connect and manage thousands of job opportunities easily and directly. We believe in a working model that is more flexible, respectful and, above all, accessible to everyone. Ours is a concrete commitment to creating the best tools to realise this vision

A company that goes beyond the business.

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We believe in our mission, and we work on our project to contribute to improving the lives of thousands of people who will finally experience a different, virtuous and accessible way of working. #Thenewwayofworking is not just a concept but our daily approach with which we walk our path, allowing our team to live the project with enthusiasm, energy and collaborative spirit and constantly attracting new talents ready to get involved to change the future of work.

Our step-by-step journey.


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The incorporation

It all began in November 2015 when jobby was introduced to the world by Andrea Goggi and the co-founders at the Web Summit in Dublin. From that moment, the validation, the development of the product began, leading in Italy in Milan in September 2016.


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Live, Die, Repeat

Jobby is on the market and, like all start-ups, faces a delicate phase of life characterised by a seesaw of success, failure and change of course. The path of these years teaches us a lot, the team grows, and jobby gets to be a leading player in the Italian startup ecosystem by participating in the Wired Next Fest and SIOS18.


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Consolidation and the arrival of the pandemic

In 2019, jobby Easy was launched, providing a very strong momentum that allowed the company to grow by +500% year-on-year. 2020 is a year that no one expected, but Jobby reacts with determination by helping so many companies and employees through the toughest times. The growth trajectory is now clear


From startup to scaleup

The autumn is marked by our brand refresh, which marks a new phase in the journey.' In just six months, we are reaching the previous year's results, and more and more companies and workers are using our digital solution. Jobby's metrics grow, and the service covers more and more regions.


The first day of our new life

The new year begins with unveiling a completely revamped brand identity and a new positioning that identifies us as the No.1 business technology platform. Our goals expand beyond national borders with the opening of our first international presence in London. The year 2022 is also marked by our entry into the Zucchetti Group, laying the foundations for a valuable multi-year partnership that will accompany us for the foreseeable future.

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We are united, enthusiastic and full of energy and we are building the future of work.

At jobby we all firmly believe in our goal and cultivate a spirit of inclusion and collaboration. These characteristics distinguish our working environment where everyone can make a valuable journey and actively contribute to improving our solution and users' experience.